This three-flat apartment building was constructed in 1911, one year after its mirror image to the south. They were both designed by Bishop and Company. The original owners were the Knight Brothers.

The exterior of the building has fine brickwork and design. The fa├žade shows an octagonal sun porch. Among the brick details, you will note decorative brick quoins at the corners, with alternating courses of recessed bricks. At the base of the building, you will see a banded water table of limestone and a band of basketweave brick pattern. Above, the soldier coursed brick headers with accent limestone complete the textured design.

The entrance is on the side with an iron canopy facing the mirror image building. As you stand at the entrance, you can see the stained glass details of the mirror building. In 1948, it was cut up into 6 units and has since been altered after a fire in 1986. Since being restored, the building received the North Side Real Estate Board Award for Excellence in 1989.

When you enter the second floor reception hall, you will see the living room to the left. The woodwork is mahogany and shows the simplified Craftsman design. The brick fireplace is flanked by bookcases. There were leaded glass windows above the built in bookcases but there were removed some time ago.

From the living room, you can enter the sun porch and then, through a French door, to what was once the dining room. There was an arched opening between the two rooms that was removed when the dining room became the bedroom. The four small windows in this room were once stained glass. Next you walk through a den that was once the kitchen and back to the front hall.

As you enter the dining room, you are in what was once the living room for the second apartment. The beautifully designed kitchen and eating area takes the space of two small bedrooms. The eating area opens out onto a porch. The master bedroom suite off the kitchen area includes the laundry.

This building was recently rehabbed and has been altered to create a more livable space for the 1990s.