Thanks to our Supporters

A Special Thank You to:

  • The wonderful people who allowed their homes to be shown
  • The Church of the Atonement, for being our gracious hosts this year
  • Loyola University, for opening their two landmark homes
  • Mundelein College, for assisting in research for the tour
  • The North Lakeshore Cultural Center, for hosting our Sheridan Road display
  • The Chicago Park District, Berger Park and park supervisor, Jackie Mazur, for opening the building to us on Sunday
  • The members of the Edgewater Historical Society, whose energy and support made this day possible
  • The Edgewater Community Council, for their support

Tour Booklet

Many thanks to those who volunteered their time and effort:

  • Thom Greene - for the drawings of the houses
  • Sue Davoust - for editing the text
  • Norm Cratty - for production assistance
  • Gabriel Davoust - for typeset
  • John Doggett - for typeset and layout
  • LeRoy Blommaert - for research
  • Kathryn Gemperle - for writing, research and layout

Printed by: Creative Edge Printing


1991 Fall Tour of Homes Committee

Thom Greene and Kathryn Gemperle, Co-chairs
JoAnn Varga Holmes Everett Stetson
LeRoy Blommaert Betty Mayian
Martha Kraeger Claire Conley
Sandee Remis Mark Harding
Marion Leaner Mae Scheeff
Tour Book- Gabrielle Davoust