Built in 1889, this Queen Anne Victorian contains much of the character of the shingle style homes found in Newport, RI in the late 1800’s. William Cairnduff had the home built and the original owners were Mr. and Mrs. Orson Watson. Mr. Watson was a bank president.

As you approach the house note, the detailing on the front fa├žade. There is a three dimensional quality to the carved out upper balconies, decorative trim arches and details in the window design.

This house has withstood quite a bit of remodeling over the years, including alteration for its use as a rooming house. When the current owners bought the house in 1975, the first floor had shag carpeting over asphalt tile. They removed these two layers to reveal the beautiful oak flooring. The floor is inlaid with five different kinds of wood and is top nailed since it is not tongue-and-groove.

In the “front parlor,” note the jewel like stained glass with beveled glass inserts. The second parlor has a piano that came with the house. Off the south wall is a door with stained glass insert which connects to the side porch. By opening this door, the original owners could get the benefit of the lake breezes in the summertime.

The current owners have added a new deck which is like an outdoor room. As you exit along the side of the house you will get a better view of the side porch, which is in the process of being restored.