This classic brick two unit building was constructed with many special details. The building was built in 1908 and the architect was Edward Benson. Benson lived in Edgewater and partnered with his son Arthur as Benson and Son. Another son, Roy, worked in the practice as an architectural draftsman.

The original owner was Carl Nordquist, a machinist, who lived there with his wife Emma and their son Rueben. They also had a daughter, Florence. In 1920s John Voltz and his wife Paulina had purchased the building and moved in with their five children, Carolina, Lillian, William, George and Anita. The family continued to live there through 1927. Paul Schlimmer,a plumber moved into one of the units with his wife Anita (Voltz) and they had two children, Anita and John. The family continued to live there until 1996 when John Schlimmer sold the building and moved to Wisconsin. John had attended Peirce School and was active in the Peirce Speedskating club. He graduated from Northwestern University. In the mid 1950s he became the manager of the of the radio station WEBH that broadcast from the Edgewater Beach Hotel. He was interviewed for an article about the hotel written by Adam Langer that is available on the edgewaterhistory.org web site.

The base of the structure is rusticated limestone which gives the building a more massive presence than the one next door. The limestone is used as banding on the building to divide the levels of the building in contrast to the deep purple brick. A limestone cornice defines the parapet. The front porch on the left side is reached up a staircase with the original iron railings.

Entry to the apartment is through a tiled entrance hall with a design that includes a fret border and a center floral design in subdued colors. The door is oak with frosted glass and the moldings around the door include a simple crown at the top.

The entryway opens into what was once the living room but is currently used as the dining room. All the floors are the original oak. Between the entrance and the living room and the dining room the doorways may have been changed to these graceful arches. The current living room has an arched recess where a china cabinet may have been originally.

A door has been removed at the entrance to the hallway that leads to the kitchen. In this hallway the floors are maple. A beautiful maple china hutch has been restored and lighting added. The master bedroom has been enlarged by removing a smaller bedroom and creating a walk-in closet. The original door is still there and a second bedroom is next to it.

Across the hall is the beautiful new bathroom which includes both walk in shower and Jacuzzi like tub with marble flooring. This bath was expanded by changing a deep closet in the hallway to a more shallow closet and using the space for the bathroom. Further down the hall is the remodeled kitchen.

The kitchen has been designed with a peninsula eating area that faces the center of the room. The two original windows are still in the room and provided light and openness. The counter is a dark granite. The appliances are stainless steel and the cabinets are custom maple in the same warm color as the floor. Just off the kitchen was a pantry. This has been enlarged by removing the door and creating a counter and cabinets in the same style as the kitchen thus expanding the kitchen workspace.

The original back door opens onto what was once the back porch. This room opens to the back through double glass doors onto a beautiful deck with a view of many backyards along Glenwood. The stairs lead to a terrace which is nestled between the deck and the garage.