Thanks to our Supporters

A Special Thank You to:
  • All the homeowners who opened their homes for the tour!
  • The members of Unity Evangelical Lutheran Church and their pastor, Rev. Fred Kinsey.
  • Pam Ball for contacting owners.
  • Meredith George and Janet Franz for contacting owners.
  • Kate Welborn for contacting owners and hosting the refreshments.
  • Frederick Nachman for the photograph of 1336.
  • Our wonderful volunteers who acted as tour guides and helped in so many ways.
  • Our supporters and advertisers.
  • The LBRC Neighborhood Organization.
  • The Edgewater Community Council for their support.

Tour Booklet

Many thanks to those who volunteered their time and effort:

  • Kathy Gemperle: Writing, Design
  • David Gemperle: Editing
  • Larry Rosen: Production/Layout, Photography
  • LeRoy Blommaert: Research, Writing
  • Brian Treglown, Phil Gould: Writing

2011 Fall Tour of Homes Committee

Kathy Gemperle and Thom Greene
LeRoy Blommaert Pat Duff
David Gemperle Morry Matson
Betty Mayian Tiffany Middleton
Pat McParland Bob Remer
Larry Rosen Marty Stewart
Barbara Strauss Brian Treglown