Thanks to our Supporters

A Special Thank You to:

  • All the homeowners who opened their homes for the tour!
  • Marty Stewart for his help in contacting homeowners.
  • Tom Parocelli, Eric Lindahl and the Reters for the photos of their homes.
  • Vera Antoriadis and Cynthia Coca from Trumbull School for their help and information.
  • Larry Rosen for the photographs of this year’s homes.
  • LeRoy Blommaert for his help in contacting homeowners.
  • The West Andersonville Neighbors Together organization for their support.
  • Our wonderful volunteers who acted as tour guides and helped in so many ways.
  • The Edgewater Community Council for their support.

Tour Booklet

Many thanks to those who volunteered their time and effort:

  • Kathy Gemperle: Writing, Research, Design
  • David Gemperle: Editing
  • Larry Rosen: Production/Layout, Photography
  • LeRoy Blommaert: Research, Writing

2007 Fall Tour of Homes Committee

Kathy Gemperle and Elizabeth Mayian
LeRoy Blommaert Marie Morrissette
Lori Lynch Linda Komosa
Ara Mayian Larry Rosen
Thom Greene