This home and two others like it were designed for John Lewis Cochran in 1894 by Lakewood Balmoral architect, Julius Huber. The home fell into disrepair, as you will see in a photo from the 1970s. In the 1990s, this home was expanded by architect Thom Greene to create more living space for the current owners. The façade of the home now shows two octagonal shapes on either side of the front door. The one to the right is the original. The expanded living room is to the left and is much larger than the original. The first roof line matches the smaller tower. Between the first roof line and the second roof line are stamped metal appliqués from original late 19th century designs of a New York company. The central front door is original. The porch is new and created to work with the expanded façade.

Inside, the foyer has been widened to accommodate a guest closet. The central reception hall is decorated in Bradbury and Bradbury wallpaper of a design by William Morris. The floors are the original top nailed floors with inlaid cherry around the edge. This flooring style was used throughout the first floor. At one end of the hall is the original oak staircase to the second floor. It has a built in bench.

The living room has been finished to match the moldings and inlaid flooring of the original house. A fireplace is at one end of the room. The beveled glass windows are a design replicated from the original found during the renovation. A staircase from this room goes to a lower floor entertainment center.

Off the front hall to the right is the original parlor. This room also has the inlaid flooring, except where the mantel was removed. The glass in this room is original.

The dining room is off the reception hall. It has a single pocket door to close it off from the hall. The oak doors in this home and the home at 5344 are the same fine quality oak. In this room, there are stained glass windows facing south.

An addition was put onto the house in the 1980s. With it were added a powder room, a den and a porch.

The kitchen was also expanded and new cabinetry installed along with granite counter tops and granite flooring. We will return to the reception hall to go upstairs.

In the stairwell is original stained glass. The hallway at the top was quite narrow so, when the addition was created, this hallway was widened. From this hallway, you may see the front bedroom that is used as a office, the master bedroom and the full bath, as well as the back bedroom, which was made into one from two original small rooms. There is also a door to the teenage attic hideaway which you may visit. It is under the eaves, which creates a unique space.

The master bedroom suite has a ceiling shaped like the roof of the addition. All the windows are in the style and design of the original house. There is a fireplace in this room and the bath has both a shower and a Jacuzzi. Please return to the reception hall and exit out the front.