This coach house is well known in Edgewater for its tipsy position along the street. It is part of the 5804 property and adds a touch of whimsy to the neighborhood history. It was built in 1905 and has just one garage space. Above that space is a hoist that indicates that the upper floor may have been used for storage or perhaps even hay. There are fewer than a dozen of these types of garages in Edgewater.

From the street it appears that the building has had some additions over the years. At one time the porch was much larger and this is evidenced by the Doric columns on both the outside and the inside at the entrance. The four front windows were added at that time. Entry to the living room is down a few steps into a reception area that opens into the living room which extends the full depth of the building. It has been set up for both living and dining. Double French doors open out onto a deck facing the yard. A small sink and counter serves as a wet bar.

The staircase to the second floor begins in the living room with a decorative handrail. As the staircase makes a turn, there are indications that there may have been another connection to these stairs from the garage. The walls are covered in bead board and the stairs have been leveled.

At the top of the stairs is a casual entertainment room which opens into the kitchen. There is an exterior exit here with an outdoor staircase to the deck below. This whole area was once taken up by the kitchen, but it has been redesigned to improve usability. The wooden cabinets are older and add charm to the space. The kitchen was built inside a dormer that was added to the street side of the coach house.

A hallway connects the two bedrooms and bath. The smallest bedroom has a window facing the front in the original gable. This is the most original room, but even here new flooring has been added. The larger bedroom and bath were added as part of the dormer added along the north face of the building. The bedroom has double French doors that open above the garage door. It is surprisingly spacious and there is little sense from the inside that the building is a little tipsy.