The entrance to this home is in the original configuration so there is a sheltered area at the front door. There is an air lock provided to keep the cold out in wintertime. The brief hallway opens into the large living room. The room features built in book shelves and a built in cabinet under the row of front windows. On the opposite wall is a fireplace built of Roman brick with an additional opening in the dining room around the corner. Above the fireplace is a hand lettered poem by Gerald Massey.

The space is in what is called an open plan with no wall dividing the living room and dining room. This is a very early use of this type of free circulating space that Griffin originated, though Wright took the credit. It has been used widely in more modern construction. The ceiling of the living room is defined by wooden strips that create sections to the large space.

Off the living room is the doorway to the large front porch which can be used as a relaxing room in the mild weather. The original flooring was wood but this has been covered by linoleum. The room is not rectangular because of the design of the corners.

In the dining room two wall sconces appear to be original. Windows face the rear yard. Glass block was also used in the dining room in a vertical space that was originally a built-in china cabinet. From the dining room to the kitchen there is an original door. The compact kitchen has new cabinets and new replacement windows looking out to the central walkway. A previous owner had replaced the original windows with glass block to make the room more private. The current owner returned the windows to their original design. They purchased the home in 1959. A doorway returns you to the front hallway and then to the second floor.

The staircase is unique with many landings and turns. The space is open to the living room but is separated by a kind of wooden screen in the Prairie design. The home originally had four bedrooms. Two of them were quite compact and in this home these back rooms were enlarged by the removal of a tiny corner porch. The flooring is maple. In the hallway to the front there is a built in linen cabinet. There is one full bath with basket weave tile floor.

The front bedroom is the combination of two bedrooms into one. The wife of one prior owner was an invalid and he had this room rearranged. One doorway was removed. Return down the stairs and out the front door. Take note of the interior doorknob on the front door as you leave.