In 1908, when this home was built, there were few single-family homes in what today is called East Andersonville. But the owner, L.A. Ulrich, chose to build this lovely home with a side yard. The contractor was E. Youngren and the original number on the house was 948. The design of the home is that of a classic Chicago cottage, but this one is unusual because it is built of brick. On the second floor level, facing the side of the house, is a wooden Queen Anne dormer with decorative shingles.

The fa├žade of the home is face brick. At the first floor level, there is a three-sectioned window and the front entrance porch, which is a re-creation. The home had been the abandoned and haunted house on the block for years when it was bought in the early 1950’s. Since the porch was gone they had a concrete step and metal porch installed. The new wooden porch was built in 1996 and is in keeping with what must have been the original.

At the second floor level is an unusual Palladian window with an arched central window and two separate side windows. It is more normal to have the whole window unit as one piece.

Inside the home there is a vestibule and then a reception hall with a guest closet and a side window. Amazingly, this room was once used as a bedroom. The door into the house opened directly into the living room, which now is reached through a wide entrance. When the current owner bought the house, he began by putting the hallway back into its original design and stripping the woodwork. Since the staircase had been covered, he had to re-create the newel post and banister to match the design at the top of the stairs.

Toward the back of the living room is the dining room with windows overlooking the side yard. On the opposite wall is a built-in china cabinet with multi-paned glass doors. Around the room is a decorative molding like the old-fashioned plate rail.

The dining room opens into the kitchen, which covers the entire back of the house. The kitchen has three separate sections: the main work area and eating area with windows on two walls; the storeroom that was used for the icebox and now has the refrigerator; and the pantry. The space is decorated with an oak molding around the entire room. Please exit through the back door and enjoy a visit to the beautiful garden with pergola and fishpond.