The building was built in 1913 as the Swedish American State Bank. The architects were Ottenheimer, Stern and Reichert. The exterior of the building exhibits some of the finest terra cotta work in Edgewater. The City of Chicago has listed the building as a potential landmark. For everyone in Andersonville, it has been a landmark for years.

The design of the fa├žade hearkens to a Greek temple with the columns and classical pediment. Since it was built as a bank, it is obvious that the intention was to create a solid, stable image for the Andersonville Swedes who would be using it to bank their savings. Other details have classical origins, such as the egg and dart design that frames the front pediment. At the top of this pediment is a double cornucopia with a blank medallion or shield in the center. Below that and above the arched window is a bracket with an eagle design. At the corners of the building are double column pilasters that narrow at the top. On each of them is a flat, shield like shape. The capitals of each column are variations on the Ionic Greek design which is based on a scroll of paper. Along the Balmoral side of the building there are four sections, each with a ribbon of terra cotta elements that look like leaves with medallions on them. Just as in the front of the building, there are arched windows at the second floor level, fitting between these four sections. The first floor of the building is currently Cafe Boost. In the past there was also a Swedish Tobacco shop. The interior space of Cafe Boost does not date from the original building as you will see on the second floor.

The second floor is an apartment with spectacular open space. In previous years it was a Chinese restaurant. The entrance is up a staircase covered in marble.

Once in the room you will see that the open space extends to the arched windows on both sides facing the street. The ceiling above appears to have been the bank ceiling with sky lights. Decorative moldings surround the now painted over sky light. The floor, a later addition, is stained dark and may be pine or maple.

At the west end of the apartment is the living area. The entrance is through a modern hallway created by using Classical elements such as a pediment and columns. From the hallway you can see the bedroom on the side of the building. Because of the high ceilings, additional storage has been built to the the ceiling. In the center is a modern bath with Jacuzzi and walk-in glass shower, all done in neutral colors. To the right from the hall is the kitchen and just past that is the laundry room. A small stairway leads to a loft hideaway.

The space is unique and dramatic. You can use your own imagination as to how the space could be used, divided and reconfigured. It is loft space extraordinaire.