This unique building was created specifically for this site by architect Edward Benson in 1913 at a cost of $30,000. Construction was supervised by Oscar Peterson and the original owner was James Ingmanson. The red brick building does not have much detailing except a band of Bedford limestone at the first floor level. This was an expensive building to build, even in 1913. Each window is an individual opening in the brick fa├žade throughout the entire building. Windows which are grouped together in one opening are much less expensive to build.

The Magnolia Partners and Ernie Constantino initiated the beautification of this busy street years ago with planter boxes and beautiful flowers which help to create a barrier from the fast moving traffic. The entrance at 5810 is flush to the public sidewalk with double French doors that open into a hallway. Above the door is a limestone entrance cover in the style of a front gable with a square carved into the flat ends of the brackets.

The hallway has a ceramic tile floor in a fret design around the edges that mimics a carpet. The hallway is trimmed in oak. The oak and glass door leads to the staircase which has the same wainscoting that is divided into panel sections as you walk up the stairs. The unit you will visit is on the first floor.

The entrance to the apartment is through a small entrance hall with a coat closet. The doors are oak and the woodwork has been painted in some places. The floors are oak. In the living room, there is a replacement fireplace with beautiful blue tiles. On the ceiling is the original light fixture. Between the living room and the dining room is the traditional entranceway, with wood framing that has been draped with a curtain. The dining room is open and light with a round oak table in the center. From the dining room, you may look into the den before going to the back hallway. From the hallway, you will see the remodeled bathroom with green slate tile and new fixtures. All the walls in the apartments in this building have been replaced with drywall and the woodwork and moldings painstakingly replaced. The bedroom at the end of the short hallway has a window overlooking the courtyard. At the other end of the hallway is the kitchen, with beautiful maple floors and clear pine woodwork. The sink and cabinets are of the older style. Off the kitchen is a pantry with plenty of storage. You may exit out the backdoor and walk through the courtyard in order to reach the opening on the other street.