This elegant two-flat was built by Oscar Peterson in 1911. The original owner was Andro Algren. It was customary for the owner to live on the first floor. From the sidewalk, the beautiful brick fa├žade shows a raised brick design along the parapet. One of these design elements is called dentils. This classical design is repeated on the wooden fascia board of the porch. The railings on the first and second floor porches are iron in a scrolling design. The windows to the living room are three in one opening, the center one being larger. The front door is on the left side, with two side lights and oak framing that has been stained a red mahogany to pick up the coloring of the face brick of the building.

The entrance hall to the building is tiled in ceramic tile. The walls are covered in a heavy embossed paper design. Both front doors and all the doors throughout the building are oak. Each doorway is framed in oak and has crown moldings. In the apartment the door opens into a short hallway. This hall opens into the living room at an angle. The room features a glazed brick fireplace, an oak mantel and book cases. An open doorway expands the living room into the music room which now serves as a dining room. Framing the entrance to the living room are two oak columns.

Down the hallway from the living room are two bedrooms on opposite sides of the hall. The one to the right has had the location of its door changed. In this room you will see a double door closet made from an extra door with the original door. Across the hall is the second bedroom. The bathroom is open to the hallway and it has been improved with new tile, a shower and a linen closet that the current owner created by moving walls and shortening deep closets.

At the back of the living space is the original dining room, which has been set up as a relaxing area. The original dining room buffet is installed in the wall under an arch and has become a book case. The dentil cornice has been added and the walls painted in a faux stone style.

The kitchen has been redesigned to eliminate the butler’s pantry and create more counter space. The cabinetry is cherry and the oak window moldings match the color of the cherry. You will exit through the back door and make a stop in the lovely backyard before returning to the front.