This lovely home was built in the B.F. Weber Company’s High Ridge development. The date of construction is 1903. The Weber Company built several homes on this street and this house the same plan as the one at 1711. All the Weber Company homes on Granville were built at the same time and share the same permit date, May 14, 1903. The style of the home is Queen Anne, modified to fit the 30 foot city lot. The most distinguishing element of the home is the turret which has windows matching the facets of the turret’s roof line. Another element of design is the second story window that has a small peak above it.

The front porch extends across the entire fa├žade and has three Doric columns, which show the influence of the Classical Revival style, which became popular in Chicago after the 1893 World’s Columbian Exhibition. The handrail is made of straight slats in a diagonal pattern. The newel posts at the handrail have turned wood top.

The front door is made of the original oak and it opens into a reception hall with an oak staircase. The spindles on the staircase are turned wood typical of Queen Anne design. The woodwork on the first floor is oak, as is the flooring. The design of the crown moldings includes an egg and dart element, which was also of classical origin.

The living room was once two smaller rooms - the front parlor and the family or second parlor. The current owner is a good house detective and she found the evidence of the division between the two rooms from the floor boards. Both parlors have three window bays, which let more light into the room. The second parlor opens into the dining room, which would have been used by the family for all meals since the kitchen has no eat-in area. The dining room has windows facing the back porch and the beautiful garden.

The kitchen was remodeled and cabinets installed many years ago, possibly in the 1940s. The wooden cabinets have been painted white and the accents in the room are black and white. The kitchen also has a pantry, which has been redesigned to include the staircase to the basement.

In the front hall, once again, you may climb to the second floor. This floor has some unique features. The flooring, which has been stripped is fir with changes of color from soft yellow to a burnt orange. The woodwork of the doors and moldings have been stripped and the birch wood finished to a warm color. There are four bedrooms on this floor and one bath. Each of the rooms has a six panel door and they are all original. Each doorway has the original moldings including the crowns. You will see the bedroom with the turret, which is bright and spacious. As you descend the staircase you should note that, instead of a winding staircase, there is a landing which is much safer.

Go back through the hall and kitchen to the back porch and beautiful yard and garden. At the back of the yard is the original garage. Note the detailed workmanship of the windows.