This home is the newest on our tour. The home was designed in 1914 by Edgewater architect A.E. Norman for architect Oscar Peterson and his wife. The Petersons lived in the home until 1920. The home has had four owners, according to the current owner’s research. One of the longest ownerships was from 1939-1992.

The entrance to the home shows the emphasis on design, with beautiful beveled glass panels in the door. Other details which make it unique are the horizontal banding of limestone at the base and several other levels on the façade. There are also some limestone details on the façade. These are designs based on plant life, like the dogwood flower near the door and the connected leaves on the level of the second floor. A sun porch extends across the front of the home. The windows are three over one. At the third floor level, the brick and stone dormer is also designed in the Craftsman style

The entrance to the home is on the side. The first hallway includes a mosaic floor and a short stairway and another landing. Along the wall are three stained glass windows in a geometric flower design. The second door opens into the central hall and staircase.

The living room is reached through this hall; it is back towards the front of the house. The living room extends across the front of the home, opening out onto the sun porch. The living room had only two windows, both stained glass which match the front hallway windows. The current owners decided to alter the area on either side of the central fireplace by creating another window panel below the square stained glass panels. What was removed was a bookcase that was probably an addition from an earlier time. The effect of this change is dynamic; now you can see the side yard from the living room. The room has a fireplace which has a simple design and is painted white. It appears to be an addition to the room.

From the central hall, you can reach the dining room and the kitchen. The dining room has a beamed ceiling and a molding dropped down from the ceiling about one foot. The wood work is painted white, but the owner believes that it is mahogany with many layers of paint.

The kitchen has the original cabinets and door handles. Note the unique sink arrangement with a radiator below the sink. This work area opens onto an eating area which is surrounded by casement windows. These windows have been altered with the addition of sparkling stained glass designs in the upper central small glass panels of each window. The room looks out onto the side yard.

The second floor of the home had four bedrooms and a sun porch in the original plan. It has been altered with the demolition of the wall between one bedroom and the sun porch. This has created a bright and light room. Additional stained glass panels have been added to the casement windows in a design that is similar to the design in the front hall. The second floor washroom has been upgraded from the hand-held shower to whirlpool tub and shower.

As you leave the home through the kitchen, you will go down the back steps and see the lovely yard and fountain. Please enjoy some refreshments here with our compliments.