Abbreviations Used in Tract Books


Abbreviations Used in Recorder of Deeds Tract Books
–from sheet prepared by Cook County Recorder of Deeds Office. The slash may not always be shown.
Meaning of Abbreviation
Assignment of Mortgage: An assignment of Mortgage is an instrument signed by the mortgagee, and usually recorded, which transfers the ownership of the indebtedness secured by the mortgage. Assigned mortgages are released by the assignee
Assignment of Rents: An assignment of Rents is a supporting document for a mortgage loan, agreeing that in default of the mortgage, any income derived from the property, such as rental fees, will be assigned to the lender. Assignment of rents may also accompany a Trust Deed. It can also be filed along with a mortgage
Affidavit: a sworn statement; a document signed or acknowledged by a person placed under oath to tell the truth
Agreement for Deed: An agreement for deed is an agreement between the owner (seller) and the purchaser (buyer) concerning a parcel of real estate.
Certificate of Purchase: A certificate issued by the County Clerk to as successful bidder at a judicial sale, which will entitle him/her to a deed if the land is not redeemed within the time limits.
Certificate of Redemption: Statutory redemption is usually accompanied by the owner paying to the official who made the sale, the amount of the foreclosure sale and interest. The owner is thereupon issued a Certificate of Redemption and he again holds title to the land free and clear of the foreclosure sale and of the lien foreclosed
Certificate of Sale: the highest bidder for a piece of property at a foreclosure sale usually receives a “Certificate of Sale” reciting that he/she will be entitled to a deed if no redemption is made.
Sheriff’s Deed: A deed issued by the Sheriff of Cook County, Illinois as a result of a Sheriff’s Sale. This sale may be the result of a foreclosure proceeding or a levy in a creditor’s proceeding.
Trustee’s Deed: A Trustee’s Deed is a deed of conveyance whereby title is going from a trust (mentioned in a previously recorded instrument, i.e., a Deed in Trust) to another party, maybe another trust.
Judge Deed: A Deed conveying title to real estate signed by a judge because the title holder is unable or unwilling to sign. Used, for example, in divorce proceedings in which the judge awards the property.
D/T or
D in T
Deed in Trust: A Deed in Trust is an instrument which conveys title to a trustee for the benefit of persons name in a (separate) trust agreement. Deeds in Trust usually disclose the authority of the Trustee to sell and mortgage the property.
Executor’s Deed: An Executors’ Deed is a deed of conveyance signed by a person who has been appointed Executor in a will.
Mechanics Lien: A Mechanic’s Lien in one created by a special statute given by law to workmen, material suppliers, etc; for their labor or material furnished or used in the construction or repair of buildings, and for other types of improvements such as sewers, sidewalks, etc., on a lot or tract of land.
Mortgage: a Mortgage is an instrument which conveys title to either an individual or banking institution in order to secure their payment of money lent to the borrower.
Quit Claim Deed: A Quit Claim Deed conveys any interest grantor has in the land
Release Deed: A Deed releasing a mortgage or other lien on real property.
Trust Deed: A Trust Deed is similar to a Mortgage, but is an instrument whereby the owner, to secure payment of a note, conveys title usually to a corporation or an individual, as trustee for the benefit of the owners of the indebtedness.
Tax Deed: A Tax Deed is a deed to property sold at public sale by the Cook County Treasurer.
Special Warranty Deed: A Special Warranty Deed is the same as a Warranty Deed except that the warranties relate to the acts of the grantor only, e.g., that the grantor covenants that there are no judgments against him/her or liens created by him/her.
Warranty Deed: A Warranty Deed is a deed of conveyance which contains assurances by grantor that the deed conveys a good an unencumbered title, clear title, no liens against property.