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When the Edgewater Historical Society learned in August 2007 that a 8-unit condo building was proposed for the site occupied by the significant single family home at 6018 N. Kenmore (which would be demolished) we sought a meeting with Alderman Mary Ann Smith. At the meeting we had with her on October 16, 2007, we asked her to do a number of things, one of which was that she urged the staff of the City’s Landmark Commission to designate the property as a City of Chicago landmark. She agreed to do that – and indeed did so. The landmark staff reviewed the property and came back with an alternative: a landmark district that would include 6018 Kenmore plus 14 additional properties. Click here for the EHS letter to Mary Ann Smith giving its understanding of what she agreed and did not agree to do (PDF).

Click here for the identities of these properties and information about them.

Click here for a map prepared by the Landmarks staff showing their relationship to each other (PDF).

In March of 2008, Alderman Mary Ann Smith indicated that she would ask her Zoning and Planning Committee to vote in May 2008 whether she should pursue the creation of such a landmark district. All block clubs, chambers of commerce, community wide organizations and Sheridan and Marine Drive condominium associations in the 48th Ward are represented on this committee. Click here to read Alderman Smith’s letter to the delegates of these organizations (PDF). Click here to read Alderman Smith’s follow-up letter of May 9, 2008 (PDF)

The Edgewater Historical Society recommended to the City’s Landmark Commission that it add the following three homes to its list: 6023 Kenmore, 6027 Kenmore and 6330 Sheridan. Click here to see the letter EHS sent (PDF).

Click here to learn what the Edgewater Historical Society pledges to do for the non-institutional owners if a landmark District is created.