6018 N Kenmore Fact Sheet

  • Designed by the firm of Hill and Woltersdorf (Henry W. Hill and Arthur F. Woltersdorf, German-American architects)
    Firm also designed the Ohio and Ontario annexes to the Tree House Studios, a Chicago Landmark, as well as the club house on Pratt (since demolished) of the Edgewater Golf Club.
  • Commissioned by and for Max Eberhardt, German-American Chicago Municipal Judge and German poet.
  • The house is a tangible part of Chicago’s German-American heritage.
  • Built in 1909 at an estimated cost of $12,000 (permit issued 5-14-1909).
  • It is a substantial brick house, two and a half stories in height and 3,366 square feet, 30 ft wide by 47 ft deep on a 50 ft by 150 ft lot; footprint 1,410 square feet.
  • If located west of Broadway it would be one of the largest homes in the area.
  • It is the only surviving, orange-rated example of a single family home built along Kenmore and Winthrop after the “L” was extended through Edgewater in 1908. Most new construction along Kenmore and Winthrop at this time was that of flat buildings.
  • It is a unique house; there is no other like it in Edgewater, or anywhere else that we are aware. It is also the only house designed by the firm of Hill & Woltersdorf in Edgewater.
  • It is orange rated by the city as potentially a city landmark.
    • Of the estimated 6,000 thousand structures in Edgewater only 107 are orange rated.
    • Of these, 48 are houses; 11 are houses east of Broadway, and 7 are located along Kenmore and Winthrop. It is one of these seven. The other six are 5249 Kenmore, 6106 Kenmore, 5422 Winthrop, 5430-32 Winthrop, 5822 Winthrop, and 6233 Winthrop.
    • If demolished, it would be the first orange-rated house in Edgewater to suffer this fate.
  • The only apparent change to the façade of the residence is the glass block in the door surround; thus the house meets the architectural integrity standard for City Landmark status.
  • As a large brick house, it would be suitable for conversion to two or three condominium units.