Zoning Maps

Chicago and its annexed territories developed for a long period without zoning.  The first zoning ordinance was passed in the early 1920s and the zoning classifications were very basic.

Click here for a current, unofficial, interactive zoning map for the entire city.  It was developed by another organization, not EHS.

The City of Chicago has also developed a searchable zoning and planning map.  Click here for this map.  When you open the map, click on a button at the top called aerial.  You can scroll in any direction (north, south, east and west) for the area you want.  When you get to the area you want you can use the plus and minus symbols to enlarge for minimize the area of the map.  The more you enlarge the more details you can see, including individual parcels and building outlines.  Orange-rated structures are outlined in (you guessed right) orange.