WEAR Beginnings

The first planning meeting to form a neighborhood organization for the West Edgewater neighborhood took place in December 1992.  Those in attendance were Dinise Berry, Mary Fergus, David Hanna, Wayne Moonen, Gertrude C. Olsen, Mr. & Mrs. Keven Reilly, Alex Siapno, and Ron Massengill, past president of WANT.  The following persons joined the above group to form a steering committee:  Just Janice, Dennis Rattinger, Art Means, and Joe Drantz.  The steering committee wrote the by-laws and served as the group’s nominating committee.  The first general meeting took place in April 1993.

Ron Massengill was the person who urged some of the above individuals to get together and form a neighborhood association for their area.


–information furnished by Ron Massengill