St Ita Roman Catholic Church: History of Congregation

The formation of church congregations among Roman Catholics is different than in many if not most, Protestant denominations.

Among many Protestant denominations in the late 19th and early 20th century, a group of adherents in an area would get together us to form a congregation, usually led by a lay person. The initially small group would buy land and erect a church (or maybe lease a storefront initially), and then advertise for a minister, and finally hire one.

Among Catholics, the formation process would be different. A group of Catholics in an area seeing their own church would petition the bishop, who would decide upon the merits of their request. If he agreed, he would appoint a priest to create a new parish which would be carved out of the boundaries of an existing parish. It would be the priest who would take the lead. That is how St. Ita was formed.