Shopping Arcades Around the World


Shopping Arcades Around the World
There have been (and in many cases there still are) a number of shopping arcades in cities around the world. Most were built in the 19th and early 20th centuries in Europe and the United States. Yet today they number probably less than 200. Few cities had more than one; and most did not have any. As a building type these shopping arcades were and are relatively rare. (Johann Friedrich Geist in his comprehensive scholarly Arcades: The History of a Building Type, 1983, lists 310 shopping arcades of which he indicated 79 had been either demolished or destroyed)
Here is a list of those we have been able to identify. As more are identified, we will add them to the list. We would welcome additional entries.
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Brisbane: Strand Arcade
Melbourne: Block Arcade
Melbourne: Lanes and Arcades of Melbourne
Melbourne: Royal Arcade
Brussels: Galleries St. Hubert
Brussels: Passage du Nord
Milan: Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle II
Naples: Galleria Umberto I
Turin: Galleria Subalpina
Lyon: Passage de l’Argue
Paris: Galerie Vivienne
Paris: Galerie Vero-Dodat
Paris: Passage Brady
Paris: Passage Jouffroy
Paris: Passage Moliere
Paris: Passage des Panermas
Paris: Passage du Claire
Paris: Passage du Grande Cerf
Paris: Passage du Prado
Paris: Rue de Rivoli
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New Zealand
Wellington: Old Bank Arcade
Moscow: GUM
St. Petersburg: The Passage, St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg: Great Gosting Dvor
South Africa
Port Elizabeth:
United Kingdom
Bath: The Corridor
Cardiff: Central Market (1891)
Cardiff: Dominians Arcade (1921)
Cardiff: Duke Street Arcade (1902)
Cardiff: High Street Arcade (1885)
Cardiff: Morgan Arcade (1896)
Cardiff: Royal Arcade (1858)
Cardiff: Wynaham Arcade (1887)
Glascow: Argyle Arcade
Glascow: Shawlands Arcade
Leeds: Victoria Quarter
Leicester: Silver Arcade
London: Burlington Arcade (1819)
London: Piccadilly Arcade
London: Princes Arcade
London: Royal Arcade (1879)
Oxford: Covered Market (1774)
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United States
Ann Arbor, Michigan: Nickels Arcade
Ashville, North Carolina: Arcade Building
Boston, Mass: Faneuil Hall (1742)
Buffalo, New York: Market Arcade (1892)
Chicago, Illinois: Douglas Arcade (demolished)
Chicago, lllinois: Granville Arcade (demolished)
Chicago, Illinois: Pullman Arcade (demolished)
Chicago, Illinois: Woodruff Arcade
Cincinnati, Ohio: Ohio Arcade
Cleveland, Ohio: Cleveland Arcade
Cleveland, Ohio: Colonial Arcade
Dayton Ohio: Dayton Arcade
Detroit, Michigan: Penobscot Building
Los Angeles, California: Broadway Arcade
Miami, Florida: Shoreline Arcade (1925, Pfeiffer & O’Reilly)
Nashville, Tennesse: Nashville Arcade
New Orleans, Louisiana: Tulane Arcade
Pittsburg, Pennsylvania: Jenkins Arcade (demolished)
Providence, Rhode Island: Westminister Arcade
Toledo, Ohio: Spitzer Arcade (1893-96) (not active)
St. Louis, Missouri: Arcade Building
San Francisco, California: Emporium
San Jose, California: Gummer Arcade
Springfield, Ohio: Arcade
Watertown, New York: Paddock Arcade