Senn: The Beginnings


Senn High School Beginnings
–The Green Book, 1930
The Senn High School, originally a branch of Lake View High School, was established in the Hayt Grammar School in 1908, with a faculty of three teachers and an enrollment of one hundred students. [33.3 students per teacher.] The enrollment was soon increased to three hundred, and seven teachers were added to the faculty. [30 students per teacher.] The school was then moved to the Rose Hill Grammar School to accommodate this increase. [The Rose Hill school building was at this time not being used having been replaced by the Hayt Grammar school.]
The building that we now occupy was constructed in 1912 and was first occupied in February 1913. The following semester the enrollment was increased to fifteen hundred and seven teachers were added to the faculty.
In 1919 and 1920 sixteen portables were built to accommodate the first year students. In 1922 the old, single schedule was changed to a double-shift schedule in order to accommodate the ever increasing student body.
In 1924 our enrollment had swelled to 3,860, and the faculty consisted of 134 teachers. [28.8 students per teacher]
In 1929 our enrollment was 4.352, and the faculty consisted of 138 teachers [31.5 students per teacher]
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