Sanborn Maps of the Neighborhoods: Information about

There are several things that should be noted about the specially created maps of the neighborhoods:

  • The maps were created by “stitching” two or more of the individual map sheets. These were the pages in the original books. Because of the way the images were digitized from the microfilms that were made of the original pages, it was not always possible to perfectly line up streets on different sheets. In addition, there was a problem when a building is at the very far left or very far right of a page – at the point where the pages were bound. Evidently, the books were not disassembled when they were microfilmed and, as a result, there was some distortion.
  • A map of a neighborhood may contain a side of a street that is in an adjacent neighborhood area; likewise it may be missing a side of a street. If that is the case, just look in the map of the adjacent neighborhood.
  • Also, because the maps are PDFs, they might not load instantaneously; it may take a few seconds.