Politics: Edgewater Aldermanic Elections

Aldermanic Elections–40th Ward

Aldermanic Elections–48th Ward

Aldermanic Elections–49th Ward

Aldermanic Elections–50th Ward

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Note: Elections results shown here are only for the years when the ward was a part of Edgewater.  The 48th ward did not include a part of Edgewater until 1939; and the 40th ward did not include a part of Edgewater until 1971.

Compiled by LeRoy Blommaert from official records in the Municipal library section of the Harold Washington Public Library.  Percentages were calculated independently based on the official results, except when they were provided on the official tallies.  Persons elected, their vote totals, and the percentages of the total vote are highlighted in bold.  Totals are shown in italics.