Pegasus Players: Beginnings

Pegasus Players began in June 1978, growing out of original student writings performed by both faculty and students at the City Colleges. Touring began in order to fill the need of the Uptown area and to reach groups that had no access to live theatre. After becoming incorporated in 1979, the group found a home in a rented space in the Edgewater Presbyterian Church, allowing it to continue its commitment to residents of the community. Five years later, in 1984, the theatre relocated to the O’Rourke Center for the Performing Arts on the Truman College campus, located in the heart of the Uptown community. In recognition of Pegasus’ commitment to the community, the City College system is making this modernly equipped facility, which previously stood largely unused, available at no charge. Pegasus is, however, an independent, autonomous theatre company.

–from the Pegasus Players website