Schools: Public: Edgewater

The second public school in Edgewater and the third to serve Edgewater grammar school students was appropriately called the Edgewater school, though probably not initially.  The 1893 City Directory lists an Edgewater branch of the Rosehill school in Edgewater, but the location is not given. Presumably it was the school that was located on the west side of Winthrop south of Thorndale.  The Cook County Recorder of Deeds tract book for Cochran’s 1st addition to Edgewater (his second subdivision) shows that lots 1 through 5 in block 3 were sold to the City of Chicago in May and June 1891.  The school appears on the 1905 Sanborn Fire Insurance map, though it is shown as Goudy School, branch 2.  (Click here to see outline of building.)  The school building was replaced in 1913-1914 by the Swift school that was built just north of it.  When it was demolished the site became the south play lot for the Swift school.