Block Clubs aka Neighborhood Organizations

The entire territory of Edgewater is organized into block clubs (aka as neighborhood organizations).  In the majority of cases the boundaries are defined by major arterial streets.  The organizations vary in organization complexity, membership support, and viability.  Some like the Lakewood Balmoral Residents Council have been in continous operation from the beginning and enjoy strong membership support from the residents in the area.  Others are looser in structure and have less residential support.  As one would expect, the areas west of Broadway that have a sizeable number of single family homes are stronger than those east of Broadway that have very few single family homes and many rental apartments and are more transient in nature.

For the boundaries of the Edgewater block clubs click here.

BARGE (Broadway, Ardmore, Ridge, Glenwood, Early [Association])

EARC (East Andersonville Residents Council)

EBNA (Edgewater Beach Neighborhood Association)

EGA (Edgewater Glen Association)

ENN (Edgewater North Neighbors)

EPIC (Every Person Is Concerned)

ETNA (Edgewater Triangle Neighborhood Association)

Grandale Association (defunct)

LBRC (Lakewood Balmoral Residents Council)

NEBA (North Edgewater Beach Association)

NEON (Northeast Organization of Neighbors)

NET (Neighbors on Elmdale and Thorndale)

NEW (Neighbors of Edgewater West)

RCC (Rosehill Citizens Council) defunct

TAHBS (Thorndale Ardmore Hollywood Bryn Mawr Sheridan [Assn.])

WANT (West Andersonville Neighbors Together)

WEAR (West Edgewater Area Residents)