Consumer Ice worker

Consumers Ice and Coal Company Worker Interview

History of Uptown, General Uptown/Miscellaneous Information, Document #28b

Source: Office worker, Consumers Ice and Coal Company, 5247 Broadway. Interviewed in November, 1927.

The Consumers Ice and Coal Company has offices and sheds at 5247 Broadway. The business came here in 1906. They built the office buildings first, which is the one still standing. The land was not bought from Cochran, but from someone else. The name of the company then was the Knickerbocker Ice Company. They had four hundred feet on Broadway. At the same time that the Berwyn Elevated station was opened they bought the corner lot on Berwyn. This plant serves the district from Kedzie, Addison, and north to the city limits. Brown’s Drug Store used to be on the corner of Foster and Broadway. Dr. David Fitzgerald had his office where the Cadillac [dealership] now stands. The Cadillac building was erected last year. Broadway always had more buildings and businesses than Clark Street. It was a nicer street because it was wider.

Cover page: Documents: History of the Uptown Community, Chicago. Prepared for the Chicago Historical Society and the Local Community Research Committee, University of Chicago. Research under the direction of Vivien M. Palmer; staff investigators Marion Lindner and Beatrice Nesbit. These documents contain data just as it was secured form old residents and from existing documents. A final check of the data will appear in the volume of the Social History of Chicago.

Format: Photocopy of a typescript without page numbers in the Chicago History Museum library; volume 2 of a 6-volume set containing documentary information on 20 Chicago community districts/areas.

Publication date: 1925-1930.