August Motz

August Motz Interview*

History of Uptown, Rosehill District/Miscellaneous Material, Document #9

Source: August Mootz [Motz], 5837 Ravenswood Avenue, a Luxemburger who has lived near the Rosehill station since 1903.

I came here eighteen years ago. The house I live in used to be owned by Peter Evert’s mother. The landlady now is a Romanian and lives upstairs. Matt Evert used to run the place that had a bowling alley in back of it. The alley is the shed you see at the back of that place. Eighteen years ago there was nothing east of Ravenswood to Clark. The bungalows have come in during the last five or six years. Two old frame houses on Thorndale east of Ravenswood are old ones. The grocery store on Ravenswood near the station is an old one but the man Klein who’s there now came maybe four years ago or two.

* August Motz was born in 1871 in Saxony, Germany, and died in 1930 in Chicago. He immigrated to the United States in 1884, where he worked as a machinist. In 1899 he married Justina Steiff, with whom he had four children.

Cover page: Documents: History of the Uptown Community, Chicago. Prepared for the Chicago Historical Society and the Local Community Research Committee, University of Chicago. Research under the direction of Vivien M. Palmer; staff investigators Marion Lindner and Beatrice Nesbit. These documents contain data just as it was secured form old residents and from existing documents. A final check of the data will appear in the volume of the Social History of Chicago.

Format: Photocopy of a typescript without page numbers in the Chicago History Museum library; volume 2 of a 6-volume set containing documentary information on 20 Chicago community districts/areas.

Publication date: 1925-1930