Ann McLaughlin

Anne McLaughlin Interview*

History of Uptown, General Uptown/Miscellaneous Information, Document #28d

Source: Anne ( Mrs. Frank L.) McLaughlin, 1120 Albion. Interviewed in December, 1927.

Thirty years ago I lived in a house in a cabbage patch. Roy Knauer owned from Broadway to Glenwood. He bought his land from Mr. Oliver. The Weber-Kransz subdividing began about twenty years ago. It took in the land from Norwood to Granville, Glenwood to Clark. There were no improved streets thirty years ago when I lived in the northern part of Edgewater. Bryn Mawr was fairly well developed twenty-five years ago but it has never progressed like the Wilson Avenue or Howard Street district. Eighteen years ago land was worth $199 a foot on Sheridan Road. The high class of home has been on Sheridan Road for twenty-five years. The parish of St. Ita’s did not develop fast, but should now with the good class of homes west of Broadway and on the lake shore.

* Anne V. McLaughlin (nee O’Shea), was born about 1883 in Connecticut to parents born in Ireland. She was married in 1904 in Chicago to Frank Leo McLaughlin, born 1876 in Michigan of a father born in Ireland. Her husband, the head of a brokerage firm dealing in wood fuel product, died in 1959. They had a daughter Leonie and sons Robert and Frank, Jr. Before moving to their large home at 1120 Albion (valued at $50,000 in 1930), they lived at 1336 Glenlake in a house built by Roy E. Knauer.

Cover page: Documents: History of the Uptown Community, Chicago. Prepared for the Chicago Historical Society and the Local Community Research Committee, University of Chicago. Research under the direction of Vivien M. Palmer; staff investigators Marion Lindner and Beatrice Nesbit. These documents contain data just as it was secured form old residents and from existing documents. A final check of the data will appear in the volume of the Social History of Chicago.

Format: Photocopy of a typescript without page numbers in the Chicago History Museum library; volume 2 of a 6-volume set containing documentary information on 20 Chicago community districts/areas.

Publication date: 1925-1930.