Nicholas Senn - the man

Dr. Nicholas Senn - the Man

Dr. Nicholas Senn was one of the greatest surgeons the world has known. He was burn in Buchs Canton of St. Gallen Switzerland on October 31, 1844. When he was eight years old, the family moved to America and settled in Ashford Wisconsin, where Dr. Senn spent his boyhood days. Two days after graduating from high school he entered the Chicago Medical College. He graduated in 1868 with first honors, afterwards going back to Fond du Lac where he practiced medicine for five years.

A few years later he returned to Europe, where he studied medicine at the University of Munich, graduating in 1878 with high honors. He returned to the United States, practicing medicine in Milwaukee for a short time, then moved to Chicago, where he also became a prominent figure in the surgical world.

Dr. Senn founded the American Association of Military Surgeons, of which he was president for two years, and the Association of Military Surgeons of Illinois, over which he presided from the day of the formation of the Association to the day of his death.

He was president of the American Medical Association for one year. He was a delegate to the International Medical Congress at Berlin, at Moscow, at Lisbon, and at Madrid.

–information taken from Senn Handbook, 1930 edition