Historic Sites: Broadway Buildings EHS Considers Important

In 2005, the Edgewater Historical Society conducted a survey of buildings on Broadway and came up with a list that it considered important enough to warrant consideration for preservation and with a bias toward preservation for planning purposes. Each building was assigned a code that placed it in a distinct category. The codes are as follows:

A. Buildings in Edgewater’s first commercial district at Broadway and Bryn Mawr

B. Buildings which represent examples of the north side’s first automobile showroom row

C. Buildings that are historically or architecturally unique in Edgewater and/or have been orange rated by the City and are not in categories A or B.

D. Buildings that are substantial or interesting enough to merit a bias towards preservation and/or recyling and are not in categories A, B, or C.

Two lists were prepared: one in strict street address order; the other by category with buildings listed by address within each category. Note that the businesses shown are those that existed in 2006 when the list was prepared and may no longer exist at the given location. 

Click here for a list of buildings by address.

Click here for a list of buildings by category.

In 2019, the Society updated this list and provided additional information about each building on the revised list. The printed booklet, titled "Broadway: Preserve, Revive, Develop" was given to the 48th Ward alderman, the Edgewater Chamber of Commerce, and the Chicago Landmarks Commission staff. Click Here to view this updated list.