High Ridge Subdivision Map

The High Ridge subdivision was recorded on March 17, 1887, probably by Michael Weber. It encompassed two 80-acre pieces of property purchased in the early 1850s by John Bugner and Margarethe Baer, Michael Weber’s mother-in-law. These two farms straddled both sides of Ridge Road and (after 1854) the tracks of the Chicago and Northwestern Railway. The subdivision boundaries were Clark Street and Robey (now Damen Avenue) on the east and west, and Church Road (now Devon) and Logan Avenue (now Granville) on the east and west. The High Ridge subdivision did not include a five-acre property at Ridge and Church, which had been acquired by St. Henry’s parish in about 1871. The subdivision was planned to have 18 blocks divided into streets, alleys, and house lots. The two east-west streets were Fisher (now Highland) and Weber (now Thome).

On January 25, 1888, an addition to this subdivision called "Becker’s Part of High Ridge" was recorded by Michael Weber and a group of local residents who owned homes within the area to be added. The group included Elizabeth Becker (widow of Lorenz), John Bairstow, James H. Anderson, Thomas Flood, William Welty and Georgiana A. Terwilliger. Becker’s addition was bounded by Logan and Peterson on the north and south and the railroad tracks and Robey on the east and west. The east-west streets within the addition were Hood and Fulton (now Norwood).

The source of the map above is Sheet 48 of Rascher’s Atlas of Lake View Township, Cook County, Illinois (Chicago: Charles Rascher, 1887).

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