EPIC: Other information (questionnaire)


Full name of organization
Every Person Is Concerned Block Club
Organizational acronym
Boundaries of organization, north, east, south, west
West side of Broadway, north side of Elmdale, east side of Glenwood, south side of Rosedale and both side of Magnolia from Rosedale south to include house numbers through 5843 (Ardmore)
Date of first organizational meeting
1975 (month not known)
How did organization come about? Attach separate sheet if needed
To better the area and its people, confront problems of urban life and carry out activities that nurture neighborhood spirit
Is the organization incorporated under the State of Illinois? If so, when was it incorporated?
Date first officers elected
1975 (month not known)
Date first bylaws adopted
1975 (crafted by Mary Schopp Stoner who still lives in the EPIC area)
Have the original by-laws ever been amended? If so please furnish dates when they were amended.
Yes, three times: first to reduce number of general membership meetings from six to four (date not known), second to increase annual dues from $2 to $3 for individuals and $5 for families (6-8-87); third to increase dues from $3 and $5 to $10 for individuals and families (4-1-01)
Name of first president
Kathleen Osterman
Month of annual meeting
Does org have a Board of Directors?
Yes, President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer
If so, what is the maximum number?
Does org have representatives from each block? If so, how many?
Yes, 10 residents who serve as block captains and 12 residents who serve as Blue Cart block captains
Minimum required Board meetings
Average attendance, last CY, if known
Minimum required membership meetings
Average attendance, last CY, if known
Are there term limits for President? If so what is the maximum # years?
Yes, each officer is elected to a one-year term at the annual meeting and may not serve consecutively in the same office for more than two years.
Are there term limits for other officers? If so which ones?
Yes, see above.
In what years was there a contest for any officer position? Please specify particulars.
Where there any years when the organization was not functional? If so, please specify?
No. EPIC is observing its 37th year in 2011-12. It is one of the oldest block clubs in Edgewater.
Does the org. currently publish a newsletter? If so how many per year?
Has the org. ever published a newsletter?
Does the org have a website? If so, please furnish its name and year first operational
Yes, established in 2009 at www.epicblockclub.org.
Does org use email to communicate to its Board? To its members?
Yes and yes.
Does org. have a blog that persons may offer opinions? If so, when did it become operational
Does org. have a dues structure? If so what are the current dues.
Yes, $10 for individuals and $10 for families.
On zoning/land issues may only members vote?
No. Non-member residents may vote, as well.
Are there any other limitations on such voting.
How many paid members did the org. have as of the end of the last calendar year? Count each family member as one member.
Was there one or more predecessor organizations that served all or part of the area presently served by the organization. If so, please furnish name, area covered and approximate dates.
Does the org. have any standing committees? If so what are their responsibilities?
Yes, a five-member Nominating Committee plus two alternates who recruit candidates and present a slate at the annual meeting in March.
Does the org. have annual events? If so, what?
Yes, annual garage sale with three other block clubs, spring and fall potlucks, block parties, pumpkin carving “contest” in October
Does the org. have a logo?
Yes, see attached.
Person completing this form
Marilyn (Lynn) Pierce
Date form completed