EGA Beginnings

The formation of the Edgewater Glen Association was the first initative of the Edgewater Community Council to form a block club / neighborhood association.  The Lakewood Balmoral Residents Council was already a few years old, and the East Andersonville Residents Council was in its infancy. The organizer was LeRoy Blommaert who had just been elected to the ECC board of directors.  He distributed flyers within the neighborhood advertising a meeting to discuss forming an association for the area.  A small number of residents became interested and formed a steering committee. That steering committee led to establishing the Edgewater Glen Association.  The Glen derives from the intersection of two streets at the center of the neighborhood: Glenwood and Glenlake.  It followed the model adopted by the neighbors further south in naming their neighborhood and organization Lakewood Balmoral, except that it used only the first four letters of both streets.  It is not known who first suggested the name.

Among the members of the steering committee were Mary Donlan and Patricia Waters. Syril Schoss was also one of the persons involved in the initial organizing efforts.

A membership form for the still unnamed organization was found among ECC documents; it was dated July 1972.  The first newsletter was dated October 1973.

–prepared by LeRoy Blommaert, February 2014