Edgewater Beach Hotel and Apartments: Key dates

Edgewater Beach Hotel, Apartments, and Edgewater Gulf Hotel - Key Dates

Date Event Source
1908‑04‑00  Purchase of land by Corbett & Connery WD, Cook County Recorder of Deeds
1912-08-25 Swimming contest for boys at Balmoral sponsored by Corbett & Connery Swimming Club CT, 8-26-1912
1915-05-22 Edgewater Beach Hotel Company incorporated Ill. State Archives
1915-08-00 Permit issued for hotel (north building) Economist, 8-28-15; CT, 8-28-15
1915-08-19 First meeting of subscribers Ill. State Archives
1915-10-16 Announcement of bond issues for EBH Corp CT, 10-16-1915, p.18
1915-10-16 Earliest date on architect drawings for the hotel Benjamin Marshall archives at the University of Texas, at Austin
1916-06-03 Hotel opens for business Ripples, Summer 1930, p.1
1916-06-06 First Chicago Tribune display ad CT, 6-6-1916
1916-06-17 First social event; DePaul U commencement promenade CT, 6-18-1916
1916-10-15 Black Cat room first mentioned (display ad) CT, 10-15-1916
1916-10-15 Yacht Room first mentioned (display ad) CT, 10-15-1916
1917-03-25 Luncheon for VIPs on Chicago Motor Bus Co. first run to and from the loop CT, 3-26-1917
1919-00-00 Radio: permission given to Chicago Radio Lab (CRL) to contruct small building at northeast end of property Marsha Holland article
1919-04-12 Permit issued for one story addition, 40ft x 90ft to two east wings Economist, 4-12-1919
1919-06-27 John Corbett, one of the founders, dies CT, 6-28-1919
1919-11-12 Connery wedding reception at hotel Dated photo postcard
1920-03-12 Circus Night in Marine Dining Room Dated photo postcard
1921-04-15 New limosine used for service to loop postcard
1921-07-19 Culver Military Academy cadets camp north of hotel CT, 7-19-1921
1922-04-00 Radio:broadcasting studio created in hotel for station WJAZ Pamphlet, dated May, 1922
1922-04-17 Marshall of France, Joseph Joffre visits hotel to pay tribute to WWI US wounded veterans; held in Marine Room.  Translatter was Col. U.S. Grant III CT, 4-18-1922
1922-09-14 Johnny Weismuller wins swimming contest sponsored by the EBH CT, 9-15-1922
1923-02-29 Permit issued for addition (south building) Permit file, CHM
1923-03-00 Ground breaking for south building (Annex) Dated photo
1923-08-13 Womens Swimming Competition Commemorative Pin CT 8-13-1923
1924-02-09 Addition opens for business; Elmer Rich first to sleep in the addition Ripples, Summer 1930, p.2
1924-03-29 Radio:WGN broadcasts from EBH CT, 3-29-1924
1924-06-30 Radio: WEBH begins broadcasting from EBH Broadcasting.wikia.com
1924-08-03 Lake Marathon Swim-Women CT, 8-3-24
1924-08-13 First mention of WEBH in Chicago Tribune CT, 8-13-1924
1924-08-31 Lake Marathon Swim- Women CT, 8-31-1924
1926-02-26 Groundbreaking for Edgewater Gulf Hotel  
1926-10-31 Charles E. Fox (architect & investor) dies CT, 11-2-1926
1926-11-01 First mention of Edgewater Beach Hotel Orchestra; "Gus Edwards 15 piece WEBH Edgewater Beach Hotel Orchestra" CT, 11-1-1926
1927-00-00 Permit issued for Edgewater Beach Apartments Not found; estimate
1927-01-00 Edgewater Gulf Hotel opens CT, bond display ad, 10-13-1927
1927-10-13 Bond Issue first announced for Edgewater Beach Apartments CT, 10-13-1927
1928-10-01 Edgewater Beach Apartments opens (before 10-28-1928) CT, 10-28-1928 Hotel Monthly August 1930
1928-06-30 WEBH ends broadcasting Broadcasting.wikia.com
1928-12-15 Black Cat Room (last mentioned) CT, 12-15-1928
1930-02-00 Swimming competition, Edgewater Beach Apartments Program, EHS
1930-04-00 Blossom Festival begin as an annual event in Marine Room CT, 21st show, 3-25-1951
1931-10-01 EBA fails to pay on bonds due this date CT
1931-12-04 EBA committee organized for protection of bond holders CT
1931-12-17 EBA, foreclosure procedures initiated CT, 6-27-37
1932-09-30 Babe Ruth before his alleged called home run at Wrigley Field CT, 10-1-1932, checked in 9-30
1933-12-00 Yacht Club Cocktail Lounge resumes serving liquor End of prohibition
1934-02-20 EBA, decree of foreclosure entered by court CT, 6-27-1937
1934-07-00 Union Strike Book
1934-08-14 Bomb blast injures three Photo dated 8-14-1934
1937-02-12 EBA, IL Supreme Court approves reorganization plan CT, 6-27-1937
1937-06-06 John T. Connery, founder, dies NYT 6-7-1937
1938-06-16 Shirley Temple (age 9) arrives at hotel CT, 6-17-1938
1941-04-26 1st advertisement for the Dewey Apts CT, 4-26-1941
1943-10-10 Last Tribune advertisement for the Dewey Apts CT, 10-10-1943
1944-00-00 Dorothy Hild hired to produce shows for hotel CT 7-13-1984
1944-06-19 Benjamin Marshall, architect and major investor dies CT, 6-20-1944
1947-02-10 Saudi Crown Prince stays at hotel CT, 2-10-1947
1947-04-06 Bing Crosby stays at hotel Bing: Day by Day
1948-10-29 First sale of hotel: to Boston Foundation QC,  Cook County Recorder of Deeds
1949-06-15 Shooting of Eddie Waitkus (29) by Ruth Ann Steinhagen (19), 12th fl CT, 6-16-1949
1949-09-00 Edgewater Beach Apartments purchased at auction by group of tenants  
1949-10-07 First day of 3 day convention of American Air Mail Society First day cancellation of commemorative envelope
1950-00-00 Closing of beach prior to land fill for the drive Estimate
1950-09-03 1950-09-06 Lambda Chi Alpha Alumni Convention CT 8-28-1950
1951-01-23 Xaviar Cugat alleged affair with Aby Lane CT, 1-24-1951
1952-00-00 William M. Dewey retires as manager CT, 5-15-1954
1952-03-19 George Gobel performs in the Marine Room CT, 3-19-1952
1952-07-15 Bob Hope and wife stay at hotel CT, 7-15-1952
1953-03-31 Permit issued for swimming pool and cabana Building Permit Ledger card
1953-06-27 Opening of outdoor swimming pool and cabana CT photo
1954-01-00 Rib Room opens (replaced Village Green room) CT, 12-20-1953; 2-7-1954
1954-02-02 Amendment filed to change name to 5300 Sheridan Road Company Ill. State Archives
1954-05-14 William M. Dewey dies (age 74) CT, 5-15-1954
1955-00-00 Polynesian Village opens in former Marine Room space CT, 5-1-1955
1955-01-00 Marine Room closed (replaced by Polynesian Village) CT, 4-16-1964
1955-02-01 Second sale of Hotel, Boston Foundation to Edgewater Beach Hotel Company WD, Cook County Recorder of Deeds
1955-08-09 First mention in Chicago Tribune of Edgewater Beach Playhouse CT, 8-9-1955
1955-10-15 Neal Lang becomes general manager effective this date CT, 9-24-1955
1956-04/05 giant 40 ton neon sign installed and put into operation Green Shield June 1956
1956-05-07 Work started on remodeling north building; begun on 8th floor Green Shield Aug 1956
1957-10-01 Edward L. Buckley replaces Neal Lang as general manager effective this date CT, 9-13-1957
1958-03-14 Articles of dissolution of the company filed Ill. State Archives
1958-04-07 2nd WEBH begins broadcasting (Buddy Black owner 93.9 FM) Internet site
1961-07-09 Alan Marshall, actor, died at the EBH NYT, 7-10-61
1962-01-04 Johnny Carson & Jackie Cooper perform CT, 1-5-1962
1962-09-25 Third sale of hotel, to H.P. Weissberg Corp WD, Cook County Recorder of Deeds
1963-01-17 Martin Luther King Jr gives address at hotel Chicago Defender, 1-17-63
1963-09-00 Polynesian Village replaced by restored Marine Room (fall 1963) CT, 3-24-1963
1964-06 Hillary Rodham (later Clinton) attended junior prom  
1967-03-00 Foundation begun for 5455 apartment building Photo dated 4-4-1967
1967-12-19 Hotel files for bankruptcy CT, 12-20-1967
1967-12-20 George Gobel and Maggie Whiting perform w/o pay for audience CT, 12-22-1967
1967-12-21 Announcement of closing CT, 12-22-1967
1967-12-24 Last resident leaves (Ms. Lima Kim) CT, 12-24-1967
1968-09-00 Start of use by Loyola U as a dorm CT, 9-29-1968
1968-11-24 Party for parents of Loyola dorm students CT, 11-25-1968
1969-03-00 End of use by Loyola U as a dorm (estimate) CT, 9-29-1968
1969-07-01 60-day sale of hotel items begins (Pitt Liquidators) CT, 7-2-1969
1969-12-19 Sale of door knobs and unsold items by demolition company (Boyas Excavation) CT, 12-19-1969
1970-01-05 Demolition of Edgewater Beach Hotel begins CT, 1-6-1970
1971-03-00 Demolition of Edgewater Beach Hotel ends CT, 2-7-1971 a few more weeks
1971-07-00 Edgewater Gulf Hotel is demolished (by implosion) Dated press photo
1972-09-16 Eddie Watkus dies CT, 9-17-1972
1979-02-21 Joseph Gallucchio dies (first EBH Orchestra leader) CT, 2-22-1979
1984-07-09 Dorothy Hild dies at age 74 CT, 7-13-1984
2012-12-29 Ruth Ann Steinhagen dies CT, 3-15-2013

Notes:  CT = Chicago Tribune; Ripples was the magazine of the Edgewater Beach Hotel; WD = Warranty Deed

–prepared by LeRoy Blommaert; last revised January 30, 2021