ECC: Beginnings

"The Edgewater Community Council was officially established on November 27, 1960, when at a well-attended community meeting by-laws were adopted and offices elected.  The community meeting culminated a year’s planning effort, which included the establishment of several task forces, a community meeting in June, an extensive outreach to the community, and the opening of an office on Broadway. Edgewater’s religious leaders were very active in the effort.

The first project of ECC was undertaken soon after the formation meeting.  It was called VAN-OF-CANS, and it was project to aid the less fortunate of the community. The project was for the school children of Edgewater to bring cans of food and in return receive admission to a movie shown at Mundelein College’s Theatre.  The movie was the "Adventures of Robinson Crusoe" and played December 23rd."

–taken from ECC’s Special 35th Anniversary Anniversary Supplement–Part 1 (Winter/Spring 1996).