ECC Archives

When the Edgewater Community Council closed its offices on Broadway, it donated its archives to the Edgewater Historical Society.  Members of the Society went through most of those documents and did a first sort and disposed of many documents that were deemed not relevant to documenting the history of the organization.  In addition to the documents donated by ECC, the Society also received documents from former ECC board members, such as Betty Barkley, LeRoy Blommaert, Kathy Gemperle, Bob Remer, and Dawn Wyman.  Minutes of board meetings and newsletters have been organized into folders, but many documents remain to be correctly catagorized and organized into folders.  At least 6 standard size file boxes need to be reviewed and sorted and duplicates removed.

From approximately 1975 through 1998, documents other than board agenda and minutes had been assigned document numbers, e.g. 93-023.  Documents with such numbers were sorted in numerical order by year and placed in folders covering one or more folders depending on volume. In some cases, documents without a document number were assigned one and filed accordingly.  These documents comprise the largest volume of ECC documents.  In addition, a word table was prepared listing the title or description of each numbered document.  Upon the conclusion of the sorting effort, this table will be posted on the Society’s website and will be internally searchable.