Chicago Shopping Arcades


Based on current research, Chicago had at most seven shopping arcades, but only four for sure as three with the word arcade in their titles have not been verified as having been shopping arcades. The Pullman Arcade, demolished in the 1920s, was the most well known. Unlike some US. Cities, Chicago never had a shopping arcade in its downtown business district. Water Tower Place opened on North Michigan Avenue in 1976.
Chicago Shopping Arcades
Year built
Woodruff Arcade
6351-59 Broadway
Granville Arcade
1120-26 Granville
CT 1922
Douglas Arcade
1892 or 93
Near 36th St between Cottage Grove & Ellis
NE Cor (1910 CD)
CT 4-10-1892
CT 1-13-1908
Pullman, now Arcade Park
Cottage Grove & 112th St
CD 1910
Arcade Hall
1891 (before)
6434 S. Wentworth
CT 7-30-1890
Arcade Hall
1902 (before)
43rd & Evans
CT 10-27-1901
Arcade Building*
158 to 164 Clark (new 171 S. Clark)
CD 1910
*apparently not a shopping arcade, but rather a building named for its location adjacent to Arcade Court.
CD: City Directory
CT: Chicago Tribune