ECC: The first five years of accomplishments


ECC: The First Five Years
ECC Progress Report
(re-printed from October 1966 issue of Council newsletter)
1960 – Charles M. Holleb, Jr., President
Incorporated under “General Not for Profit Corporation Act,” State of Illinois
Adopted By-Laws and elected officers
Rented and furnished offices, hired part-time secretary
Conservation and Zoning work started.
Campaign for memberships.
Steered Van-O-Can Project for needy Edgewater families
1961 – Charles M. Holleb, Jr., President
Supported the new Code for Zoning of Nursing Homes; Supported Laundromat bill requiring attendant in establishments under certain circumstances.
Worked to assure traffic lights at Sheridan and Ardmore.
Processed and distributed directory of Summer Youth Program.
Continued work for establishment of local branch library.
Supported C.H.A. housing for the elderly in Edgewater.
Supported Holiday party for Edgewater children
1962 – Rev. Ralph Pomeroy, President
Helped to close Greenview Street (Thorndale south to Ridge) as a safety feature.
Established Elmdale Kiddie Park.
Sponsored baseball game for Edgewater youth.
Continued to work for local branch library.
Participated in campaign leading to removal of illegal sea-wall at Devon Avenue.
Participated in City’s Clean-up campaign.
Community beautification included replacing and planting additional trees.
Held Fourth of July celebration and Art Fair.
Sponsored Chicago Community Music Foundation program.
Sponsored Holiday party for Edgewater children.
1963 – Rev. Ralph Pomeroy, President
Revised Conservation Program – positive action approach instituted.
Participation in City’s Neighborhood Beautiful program.
Campaigned with local food stores to reduce shopping cart losses.
Sponsored Lyric Opera community experiment through Chicago Community Music Foundation.
Continued work to establish local branch library.
Youth situation under study with limited services and facilities temporarily extended by public and private sources.
Selected Senior Citizen for special award.
Held Fourth of July celebration and Art Fair; sponsored neighborhood street dances during summer months.
1964 – Robert L. Kusel, President
Participated in Sabin vaccine campaign in council office.
Submitted Beach Study and Proposals, Youth Center Study, and Comprehensive Library Study to all concerned.
Accelerated conservation and beautification program including upgrading of vacant lots through cooperation with Boy Scouts.
Participated in City’s Clean-up parade; held Fourth of July celebration and Art Fair; participated in Chicago community Music Foundation program; fought to save Devon beach.
Instituted Basic Land Use Inventory; surveyed condition of streets and alleys.
Participated in Mental Health study.
Sponsored inter-community town meeting on Hauser Report.
Hired part-time conservation officer
1965 – Robert L. Kusel, President
Held neighborhood Open Forums on controversial issues.
Worked successfully to establish after hours instruction and recreation at Senn High School.
Accelerated conservation work; served as liaison between local residents and builders seeking zoning variations.
Held Independence Day celebration and Art Fair.
Cooperated with Public Health programs and T.B.I X-ray programs; sponsored baseball game for Edgewater youth (1,203 to Cubs Park).