1887 Rascher Fire Insurance Maps

The 1887 Rascher fire insurance maps are the oldest fire insurance maps of Edgewater.  However, unlike the Sanborn 1905 maps they have not been microfilmed and later digitized.  They are found only in hard copy at the Chicago History Museum.  What follows here are photographs of specific pages, or parts of pages, which show residences.  In 1887 there were very, very few residences in Edgewater.  Many, if not most were along Clark Street, and all of these have been demolished.


Edgewater Beach (Cochran’s original subdivision showing first 10 houses and Guild Hall):



Lakewood Balmoral and East Andersonville plus Clark to Ashland:



Elmdale to Bryn Mawr, Broadway to Clark (showing Cairnduff’s addition plus Kransz first subdivision):



Close up of Kransz first subdivision (triangle, Ridge, Clark, Armore):



Clark St. at Cemetery entrance:


 Devon to about Elmdale, Broadway to Clark:




Clark to Ravenswood, Cemetery Drive to Peterson:



Close up of Cemetery Drive to Thorndale, Clark to Ravenswood:



Close up of Rose Hill School: