Voices of Edgewater (Past)

The Voices of Edgewater exhibit runs through May 28, 2016.

“Voices of Edgewater” is a major exhibit on immigration in Edgewater. It includes the stories, oral histories, artifacts, photos, textiles, maps and census statistics of the many waves of immigrants who settled in Edgewater. Even before its founding in 1889, Edgewater had been home to immigrants. The first permanent settlers came from Luxembourg and Germany in the 1840s establishing celery farms.

From these beginnings, Edgewater grew into a community which embraced diversity as it became the greatest port of entry for immigrants in Chicago. Over the years, Edgewater’s immigration demographics have changed as the mix evolved. Why would someone leave their home country and venture to our community on Chicago’s north side? What factors contribute to Edgewater’s preeminence as an immigrant destination? As the flood of immigrants and refugees continues, how will Edgewater continue to welcome them and respond to a need for support that is greater than ever?

Here is a “virtual tour” of the Voices of Edgewater exhibit: