v28-4 Home tour 2017

Vol. XXVIII No. 4 - FALL 2017

The Edgewater Triangle neighborhood was a joy to visit and explore this year. We met the new owners of an Airbnb at 5708 Glenwood, a unique building of concrete construction that was once a Realtor’s office. What an interesting space with a charming garden right next to it. Around the corner we toured what was once a 1000 sq. ft. house and down the same street we got a preview of the Chicago Filmmakers new offices and classrooms. Of special interest on this tour was the oldest brick house in Edgewater that thousands drive by every day, on Ridge Avenue near Broadway. What was amazing was how quiet it was inside despite all the traffic.

The tour went up Edgewater Avenue to sample a variety of housing including a custom built brick two-flat, a charming home built for the St. Paul Church pastor, a rehabbed six-flat and an original Queen Anne right next to Gethsemane gardens.

We ended the tour with a few information stops, one about the Maybelline Building at Clark and Ridge, the other a look at the Wild Pansy Shop of Gethsemane Garden Center which was once a saloon and Pork Shoppe Restaurant, which was built as a restaurant in 1896.

Thanks to Morry Matson for his presentation about Maybelline company, and the building which we could not get in. And thanks to Dan Caliendo for standing at the corner of Edgewater and Clark and showing photos of how it looked years ago.

Special thanks to all the home owners who made this tour a relaxing and enjoyable event, and to the docents who made the visit to each home special. Thanks to Fernando and Quincy for the elegant refreshment stop in their garden.

Thanks to Edgewater Baptist Church who hosted our pre-tour dinner and the start of the tour with help from Doris Doerksen and her son Kevin. Special thanks to Susan Darnell and Keith Goad, President of the Edgewater Triangle Neighbors Association, for their help in organizing the tour.

Special thanks also to Marsha Holland and Marjorie Fritz-Birch for their work on finding the advertising sponsors of the tour and to Larry Rosen and Betsy Kane for their work on the ad book. It was a wonderful and memorable event.

Additional books are available for a $2.00 donation at the museum.