v28-4 First Annual EHS Photo Contest Yields Unique Perspectives of the Waterfront

Vol. XXVIII No. 4 - FALL 2017

By John Holden

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then more than 50,000 words about Edgewater’s shoreline were documented by local photographers this summer.

In what is hopes to make an annual undertaking, the Edgewater Historical Society (EHS) sponsored a photo contest titled “Edgewater Along the Water’s Edge.” Fifty-four area residents took up the challenge and sent a dazzling array of shots showing the area’s impressive skyline shrouded in fog, highlighted by magnificent sunsets and serving as a backdrop for spectacular fireworks displays. Beachgoers having fun under the sun, on the sand and in the water, were also popular subjects.

“Every year that passes witnesses another chapter in the history of Edgewater, and what better way to capture that for future generations than through the lenses of the local photographers,” said John Holden, the EHS board member who coordinated the competition. “Given the number of excellent entries, our committee had a tough time agreeing on the runners up much less the finalists. There is a lot of talent out there.”

The top three entries were submitted by Eric DeSantis, Mary Burrows and Ron Hayes. Runners-up were Zhara Sarajlic, Linze Rice, Mike Pokorny, Brandon Sander, Rosemary Lambin, Phillip Tawanchaya and Ghera Alingag.

The top three winners received gift certificates ranging in value from $30 to $100 to – appropriately enough – the Waterfront Café at Berger Park, the contest’s official co-sponsor. Seven runners-up received complimentary annual EHS memberships.

The winning entries will be displayed on the EHS website and at its museum for the next year, as well as at the Edgewater Library and other community points of interest.

“We are still debating the theme for next year’s photo contest, but some possibilities are Edgewater’s unique architecture, places of worship and nightlife,” Holden said. “But whatever theme we choose, it will be certain to again highlight the wonderful diversity of our community.”