V28-2 Teaser #36

Vol. XXVIII No. 2 - SPRING 2017

In the last issue we asked: What four well known actors had an Edgewater Connection? All four were athletic and one was very much so. Two worked in Edgewater, and two lived in Edgewater. And two were strongly identified with specific characters throughout their career.

Answer: In alphabetical order they were: Charlton Heston (b.10/4/1923 d.4/5/2008), John Carlton “Clayton” Moore, (b.9/11/1914 d.12/28/1999) Robert Ryan (b.11/11/1909 d.7/11/1973) and John “Johnny” Weissmuller (b.6/2/1904 d.1/20/1984).  Editor’s note: In the original printed version we had Clayton Moore’s year of death as 1989; it has been corrected.

Charlton Heston worked as an elevator operator at the Renaissance Apartments, 5510 N. Sheridan Road; Clayton Moore lived at 6254 N. Glenwood, graduated from Hayt Grammar School, and attended Senn High School; Robert Ryan attended both Trumbull and Swift Grammar Schools, and lived for a time at 5900 N. Kenmore. Johnny Weissmuller was a lifeguard at the Sovereign Hotel’s swimming pool in 1922 or 1923, performed there on several occasions as well, and participated in an open waters competition at the Edgewater Beach (probably at the hotel, but we are not sure).

Olympic swimmer gold medalist Johnny Weissmuller was best known as an actor for his role as Tarzan in multiple motion pictures, and Clayton Moore was best known for his role in the movies and on TV as the Lone Ranger. Interestingly, though there was a 10 year difference in their ages, both Moore and Weissmuller knew each other from the time both were at the Chicago Athletic Club on Michigan Avenue, this according to an interview that Clayton Moore gave in 1992. (Chicago Tribune 3/8/1992)

For the source of Charlton Heston’s work as an elevator operator, search our website under Heston. For Robert Ryan’s early childhood in Uptown and Edgewater consult his letter to his children, excerpts of which can be found in the Chicago Reader of October 29, 2009. For the source of Johnny Weissmuller’s being a lifeguard, see the memoir of Maxine Koolish posted on EHS’s website. The Chicago Tribune gives the following dates when he performed in the Sovereign Hotel swimming pool: December 14, 1923 and July 7, 1925.

Teaser #37

What nationally known organization once held a major meeting at the Broadway Armory?