V28-2 Living Treasures 2017

Vol. XXVIII No. 2 - SPRING 2017

Edgewater Living Treasures are residents or former residents of Edgewater who have made a difference, some in a profound, fundamental manner, and others in a small but significant action. They have generously served and inspired others by fostering genuine change. Their deeds were not driven by personal gain, but to help the people of the community- whether generating beauty, promoting harmony, helping the less fortunate or encouraging grass roots activity. Living Treasures have helped create public spaces and organizations and they have imparted values which both celebrate diversity and build community.

Edgewater Living Treasures transformed our community by initiating educational and social programs for the needy, pushing for green spaces and access to the lakefront, promoting local business districts, and supporting the arts. The Edgewater Historical Society is grateful for their contributions to our community, and honors them as special people who took the initiative to make Edgewater the dynamic community it is today.

Andrew Park who believes theater is for everyone and should be free founded the Quest Theater Ensemble in 2002. Beginning with Blue Nativity using puppet masks and beautiful voices they expanded to free performances in the basement of St. Gregory Gym. “Everything is possible. There is a lot more in common than what separates us.”

Steve Pryor and Gregg Rojewski – East Andersonville residents became more involved by helping to bring food and clothing to those in need. They brought a car to the corner of Clark and Berwyn and invited their neighbors to Pack the Car to help Care for Real. “Collecting food and clothing to help someone else gives us great joy.”

Tom Welch became involved with Edgewater Reads when the library was under construction. Then he launched the Little Free Libraries that are installed on our neighborhood parkways. They are popping up all over and nourishing a love of reading.

“I would like every single person who lives in Edgewater or works in Edgewater to really be able to feel the connection to the community.”

Thanks to all who participate in the Living Treasures program by nominating someone they know. We will have a special introduction of our treasures at the Edgewater Library on June 10 at 1:00 p.m.

Come and meet our Living Treasures.