V27-4 Know a docent: Nancy Ebert

Vol. XXVII No. 4 - WINTER 2016

Nancy has lived in the Edgewater community for 40 years. One of her coworkers, who lived on Thorndale at the time, convinced Nancy and her husband Larry to come up here and check it out. The rest is history. For them, Edgewater is like living in a small town with big city amenities. It is a real community where people look out for each other and the community as a whole. It is also a beautiful community next to the lake with neat older homes, not to mention all the good restaurants.

Nancy enjoys her volunteer work because it has given her an opportunity to contribute and get to know the community. She feels volunteers are so important for community organizations simply because they would not exist without the people who volunteer their many hours. Nancy feels EHS is special for both the effort volunteers put in and the results that are shared with the community; that it is a thriving volunteer organization that has done much to educate residents about Edgewater’s unique history and the importance of preserving it. Although she tells us her part is pretty small compared to so many of her friends and neighbors who have dedicated their time, Nancy has a long track record with volunteer work and has been involved with many community organizations over the years including the Edgewater Community Council, Edgewater North Neighbors (ENN) block club, and Edgewater Beautiful, as well as her work with Harry Osterman.

Nancy enjoys playing bridge occasionally, but her other passion is to travel with her husband, taking photographs and movies, which she combines into short movies to share with friends and family. Over the years she has found a wonderful balance between work, volunteerism and travel.