V27-3 From the President

Vol. XXVII No. 3 - Fall 2016

By Robert Remer

We ended another lovely Edgewater summer with our annual home tour, returning to historic Lakewood Balmoral on September 18. We had a record-setting turnout of 400 at Unity Lutheran Church, and then heading off to nine lovely homes. Kathy Gemperle went above and beyond the call of duty to pull together this year’s tour with her usual aplomb and competence. She gathered together a great cast of homes and docents. We thank the owners for letting us into their wonderful homes: Lori and Don Lynch, Julie and Paul Bonello, Maureen Murnane, Kathy and Dave Gemperle, Thom Greene and Naden Kieran, Heather Steans and Leo Cook, Paul Zanke and Debbie Krupinski, Meredeth George, James Robinson and Luarent Laffineur, Sara and Nick Kostalonis. We also want to thank our great crew of docents who were so helpful to our tour participants: Carleen Szafranec-Lorys, Jan Lorys, Natasha Klimuk, Joanna Hazelden, Tiffany and Jonas Middleton, Alyssa Hagen, Marsha Holland, Gail Hoover, Jill Sirajullah, Sonny Santana, Dede Santana, Larry Ebert and Nancy Schroeder, John Holden, Morry Matson, Kathy Klink, Tom Murphy, Troy McMillan, Jessica Linke, Art and Marcia Arfa, Shawn Joyce, Karen Minturn, Dan Caliendo and Nancy Friedman and Killan Walsh.

Edgewater Summer Nights in our lovely garden brought music and cheer every Thursday evening this summer to the neighborhood. With some great local musicians donating their time, talents and song, we lolled about the garden and took it all in with cookies, lemonade and lawn chairs. And we also welcomed some really cute dogs. Dorothy Nygren organized and got us off to a great start for the summer while Art Arfa and Rose Beal did yeoman’s work coordinating and keeping each evening going smoothly. Steve Simmons brought his extensive musical knowledge and his enthusiasm serving as our videographer for each of the performances; the musicians loved him; this allowed us to then post some of the videos to our Facebook page, ably and expeditiously processed by Tiffany Middleton. You can go back on Facebook and check out the fine talent. We also had the benefit of Jack O’Donnell, a fine young Senn High School student who gave of his time as a summer student docent helping particularly with a lot of the heavy lifting and moving of chairs and tables for the events. Thanks so much to all of you for a rewarding summer in the garden.

Summer also brought a chance to get some fresh air, exercise and explore our community through the Go Edgewater Tuesday tours every Tuesday. Go Edgewater is a program of the Edgewater Environmental Sustainability Project and was supported through the office of Alderman Harry Osterman (48th) who sponsored the summer intern Janet Igal, a recent graduate of Loyola. EHS has been a supporter and participant for the last two years. We went on a number of walking and biking tours that included tours of theaters, breweries, environmental sustainability buildings, Edgewater boundaries, lakefront nature sites, and more. Tom Murphy led some of the tours with his extensive knowledge of nature and Edgewater. Edgewater Treasure Allen Stryczek led the environmental tour, and opened our eyes to significance of sustainability in the community. We even went on a mulberry harvesting ride that ended in a wonderful chance to learn how to preserve them at a reception hosted by Tricia van Eyck at her magical 6018North Gallery, that included some yummy mulberry topped ice cream sundaes.

Some folks take summer easy with good books and to catch up on their reading. Our Edgewater library was busy as usual; we held two Chicago History Book Clubs, one in June on the Chicago Mob and August on the history of Chicago publishing. On October 8 at 10 a.m. we will be discussing development of electricity, its role in transit and Chicago’s expansion/development. Did you know Edgewater led the way as a model for community development when J.L. Cochran installed electric street lighting through the Edgewater Lighting Company, while there were still kerosene lamps in neighborhoods to the south? No matter the subject, we almost always find Edgewater related significance. We meet the second Saturday, every other month, at 10 a.m. We always have lively and interesting discussions. Thanks to Joanna Hazelden and her great library staff, and to Marsha Holland who has been so instrumental in helping to coordinate the book club.

As summer wanes and temperatures drop, we start heading inside for our entertainment; we look forward to seeing you all come to the great centennial exhibit of the Edgewater Beach Hotel.

There will be a gallery talk at the museum on October 8 at 12:30 p.m. Kathy Gemperle will guide us through the many elements of the exhibit and some of the stories reported to us in preparation for the exhibit. We have received some additional photos and hope to add them to what is already on the walls. Call to reserve a place.