V27-3 Edgewater Free Libraries Thrive

Vol. XXVII No. 3 - Fall 2016

By Robert Remer

Edgewater made history this summer when the 50th Little Free Library was installed at Bob Remer’s parkway garden on Kenmore, in honor of his late wife Katie. The occasion brought a score of friends and the summer interns from the office of Alderman Harry Osterman (48th). The enthusiastic interns learned how to install the libraries and dig the post holes. It is part of Harry’s goal to see 100 libraries throughout Edgewater. The project is part of the Edgewater Reads program that has been lovingly nourished and supported by Alderman Osterman, Tom Welch, Karen Dreyfuss and Eric Okeson. The box was painted with lovely garden and lakefront scenes by students at the Senn Art program. After installation and ribbon cutting each of the students placed one of Katie’s favorite mystery novels in the library box. They all then gathered for a garden party in the back yard. Bob said he was amazed that after putting 15 books in, by the next morning there were only 3 left, and then later the next day, someone had filled the box up to the brim. He said, “It is amazing how the Little Free Library takes on a life of its own and the neighborhood starts to take ownership. The books are constantly churning; it seems right now that mysteries are the most popular.” The motto is “Take a Book, Leave a Book, Read a Book.”

If you are interested in how to obtain and install a free library, you can go to the Edgewater Reads Facebook page or contact the 48th ward office at 773-784-5277.